Personalized Fight Training

Our fight concepts are based on the eclectic principles of the renowned Universal Defense System. With our personalized training, you can achieve your boxing, kickboxing, self-defense and fitness goals. We will help you focus on areas of weaknesses, while still enhancing your core strengths.


Group Fight Training

In order to defray costs, participate in a corporate fitness program, or to have sparring partners readily available, group classes are offered. Working with a fight partner encourages maximum effort, a competitive environment, and having fun while you workout.


Distance and On-Site Fight Analysis

Having years of combat experience in boxing, kickboxing and MMA fight camps, we provide a detailed analysis of your strengths and weaknesses. Analysis can be tailored to develop a game plan for a specific opponent or used to perfect your personal fighting style.

Trains Corner is a place for anyone to learn more about UDS and martial arts in general.
The group classes are designed to help you workout both your mind and body. Train in a friendly environment as you learn self-defense and find inspiration from the other members of the classes.
  • The essentials of martial arts

    Ina A,

    “I’m so thankful for having been introduced to UDS. Coach Adrian teaches the essentials of martial arts and how to think out-of-the box when it comes to fighting. It’s a way of thinking that may seem like common sense, yet no one else is doing it. Coach Adrian also takes the time to give individual feedback, so no one is left behind. I’m glad to have such a dedicated trainer that’s always excited to teach us how to become better!”

  • Excellent boxing and MMA striking instruction

    Justin V,

    "Coach Adrian is one of the most knowledgeable and articulate striking coaches I’ve ever had the pleasure of training under. The class provides excellent boxing and MMA striking instruction, with a focus on basic punch and kick combinations, as well as defense, and very light sparring. His class is a goldmine of information, an intense workout, and good time. I highly recommend it!”

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