Our Instructors

Sifu Ralph Mitchell

Sifu Ralph Mitchell is the Supreme Grandmaster, the originator and genius behind Universal Defense System. He has an extensive martial arts background for over 40 years, studying Judo under Higashi Sensei, and Kung Fu and Jook Lum Southern Praying Mantis  under the Master’s Master Si Gung Mark Foon in New York City. Sifu Mitchell is a decorated Vietnam combat veteran and a world rated full contact fighter, winning tournaments nationally and internationally in Taiwan and Thailand. He also received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the World Ving Tsun Association.

Sifu Mitchell’s studies also included Kali, Jeet Kune Do, Progressive Fighting System, Doce Pares, Muay Thai, Boxe Francais Savate, and Western Boxing. What is truly remarkable is that Sifu Mitchell not only blended these systems, but he was also able to create an integrated whole that did not take away from the individual systems strengths. Any of Sifu Mitchell’s students could compete in a Muay Thai “only” competition using “only” Muay Thai techniques and win and that very same student can blend Muay Thai and  Savate in a kickboxing competition and win.

Prof. Ty
Professor Ty is also a UDS full Instructor and has practiced martial arts over 20 years. He was the primary sparring partner and strike coach for all competitive fighters who have practiced UDS. He has trained notables such as, Dave Branch, Phillipe Nover, Matt Brown, and he presently teaches UDS striking and strategy with up and coming UFC star Randy “Rude Boy” Brown. UDS headquarters is housed at the Budokan MMA dojo, a Renzo Gracie Affiliate, run by Sensei Nardu Debrah. Sensei Debrah is a UDS senior full instructor who has mastered multiple systems outside of UDS.

Prof. Train
Professor Train, aka Coach Adrian, has practiced martial arts for over 30 years. He has trained in many martial arts systems from traditional martial arts to sport karate. In the last 15 years, under the tutelage of the legendary Sifu Ralph Mitchell, Prof. Train has focused his study on the Universal Defense System, finding this system to be the most integrated and synergistic system he has ever experienced. Prof. Train was fortunate to be able to participate in UDS fight camps of past and present MMA stars, where this integration was applied.

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